Top 5 Neighborhoods to Live in Khartoum

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Top 5 Neighborhoods to Live in Khartoum

08 Jun. 2018

By Wala Budri

Similar to moving anywhere, moving to Sudan is not always the easiest decision. For many people, moving to a different country means having to figure out the safest and most convenient places to live. Today, there’s limited information online about the best places to live in Khartoum. Below are the top 5 places where people prefer to live in Khartoum:

Khartoum 2

The most popular with foreigners. The district is historically considered as an upscale neighborhood where affluent Sudanese families resided including entrepreneurs, diplomats and foreigners. The neighborhood is mostly characterized as quiet yet convenient for anyone who wants to be within proximity to shops, restaurants and cafes. The neighborhood is particularly famous for being home to Ozone, a café and restaurant located in a round-about garden in the heart of Khartoum 2. The café is popular among expats and Sudanese due to its high-quality food, coffee, and desserts.

Khartoum 2 is also central to everything – one can get to the Khartoum International Airport within 10 minutes by car and to major hospitals.  Renting in Khartoum 2 is one of the highest in the city. Rent prices average $800-$1800 for a two to three-bedroom apartment; While, rent prices for homes are much higher depending on the size of the property.

Al Amarat

This neighborhood is next door to Khartoum 2, making it another attractive place for foreigners. Similar to Khartoum 2, Al Amarat is historically known as an upscale neighborhood where well-to-do Sudanese families lived. Prior to the restaurant boom in the early 2000s, Al Amarat was mainly a residential neighborhood. Today, Al Amarat is home to many restaurants, shops, hotels, and businesses. One can find food at late hours of the night without having to go too far. Al Amarat is also home to one of the first and most famous restaurants in Khartoum, Delicious (Lazeez) – a place where one can find the best falafel and fool (most popular Sudanese cuisine) in the city.

Al Riyadh

If you’re looking for a lively place to live in Khartoum, then look no further than Al Riyadh. Restaurants and shops in this neighborhood are open until 2 am. Al Riyadh is where you’ll see locals lounging in cafes to the late hours of the night. One of the best known coffee shops in Riyadh is Al Shahaba Café and if you’re looking for good Karak (milk tea) you have to try Karak on Al Mashtal Street.

Al Riyadh is only about 10-15 minutes away from the airport, Al Amarat and Khartoum 2. Rent prices in the neighborhood range from $600 USD for a one bedroom to $1500 for a three-bedroom furnished apartment. You can find apartments located in private residences and buildings.

Al Manshiya

We might as well call Al Manshiya “Nile City”. This neighborhood is located by the Nile and depending on where you live, you can easily walk to Nile Street to take a cruise or enjoy a cup of tea at cafes along the strip. The sunrise along the Nile is spectacular and a must-see while in Khartoum. If you’re an avid runner or walker, you can go all the way to the Al Mogran part of the Strip -  where the White Nile and Blue Nile meet which is also described as the “longest Kiss”.

Despite its close proximity to the Nile, Al Manshiya is a very quiet and safe neighborhood. It is home to many expats, diplomats, government officials, and Sudanese families of middle to upper income.

Rent in this neighborhood is not particularly cheap. A furnished two or three bedroom apartment could cost between $800- $1500. Home prices can be anywhere from $3000- $10,000 depending on size and quality.

Garden City

This affluent neighborhood falls within Burri district, home to the Khartoum international Expo where several fairs and events take place year-round. As one of the newer areas in Khartoum, Garden City tends to have more modern infrastructure. The neighborhood is mainly residential which makes it a perfect place for those looking to be in the city yet away from the hustle and bustle. Here one can find quality housing with comparable rent prices as the above neighborhoods.

Garden City is within close proximity to Nile Street and several UN agencies including UNICEF, UN Women and UNAMID. Average rent prices range from $600 to $1500  for a one to three bedroom apartment.

Generally, there are a number of options to explore in Khartoum – depending on one’s likes, sensibilities and budget. For more information about real estate in Khartoum, you may contact us at Araddi and we are happy to assist you.

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