Why Start an Online Real Estate Marketplace for Khartoum?

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Why Start an Online Real Estate Marketplace for Khartoum?

30 Nov. 2017

By Wala Budri

For a few reasons.

  1. Call my aunt to help us find an apartment for rent. We will be staying for one month and need a three-bedroom apartment to accommodate our 6 person family.
  2. Ask my friend to go along with her to make sure the apartment meets our requirements – comfortable mattress, clean bathroom, good plumbing, working kitchen.
  3. Get a phone call that my friend could only view a few of the apartments and that my aunt had final say on where we will be staying.
  4. Arrive in Khartoum and realize that the mattresses are made of rocks, the bathroom has no hot water, the kitchen has one electric panel stove and no gas, and the couches have no pillows.
  5. Spend the first five days of our vacation driving around 98 degrees Khartoum with a real estate agent looking for another apartment and convincing my aunt that it is not her fault that we can’t stay at the place that she chose.
  6. Find an apartment that meets our standards and try to enjoy the three weeks left of our vacation. 

This unfortunate, but predicable chain of events that transpired every time that I came back home to visit Khartoum is what gave birth to araddi.com – the first online real estate marketplace for people within and outside of Sudan to find real estate in a simple and convenient way. Sudanese real estate agents and managers now have a platform where they can easily showcase their properties to people around the world and anyone who’s looking to rent or purchase properties in the three main cities of the capital – Khartoum, Umdurman, and Bahri - can do so from the comfort of their home. 

One of the things that I forgot to mention in the above list of events was the confusion about unequal property rates. Because of Araddi, users will be able to have a better sense of rent and sales prices by neighborhood. So, if property prices in a specific neighborhood are ranging from 6,000- 10,000 SDG for properties with similar attributes, property managers who opt for higher prices will be pressured to drop their asking price to meet market range if they wish to be competitive. Additionally, the marketplace will showcase properties of varying standards ranging from the condition of the property, interior design and furnishing, and amenities. Araddi users will be able to select the best of all properties listed while property managers will get an idea of how they can improve the condition of their properties. 

So, here is Araddi – a change in the way that we do real estate in Khartoum. Welcome! 

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