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Why Start an Online Real Estate Marketplace for Khartoum?

30 Nov. 2017

By Wala Budri

For a few reasons.

  1. Call my aunt to help us find an apartment for rent. We will be staying for one month and need a three-bedroom apartment to accommodate our 6 person family.
  2. Ask my friend to go along with her to make sure the apartment meets our requirements – comfortable mattress, clean bathroom, good plum...

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Top 5 Neighborhoods to Live in Khartoum

08 Jun. 2018

By Wala Budri

Similar to moving anywhere, moving to Sudan is not always the easiest decision. For many people, moving to a different country means having to figure out the safest and most convenient places to live....

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ملامح من قانون ايجار المباني لسنة 1991 م

24 Sep. 2018

By د. عبد الخالق محمد احمد بدري


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